Complimentary Sake Tasting at Paris Miki

Paris Miki London

Fukui Prefecture is the center of eyeglass manufacturing in Japan. Come and taste Kokuryu sake from Fukui and take a look at Paris Miki’s collection of exquisite frames. The sakes offered during the promotion are Kokuryu “Tokusen” (ginjo), “Junmai Ginjo” and “Kuzuryu” (Junmai). They are all made with Gohyakumangoku, a special sake rice from the Hokuriku region, grown in Fukui.

20% off Japanese lenses with purchase of frame during promotion

Dates 14th–19th January 2019
Time 10:00am–7:00pm
Place Paris Miki London
19 Duke Street, London, W1U 1DJ [map]
Sake List Kokuryu “Tokusen”
Kokuryu “Junmai Ginjo”
Kokuryu “Kuzuryu”
Price Free