Sake and Food Matching Dinner

Berry Brothers & Rudd

This event delves into how sake is made, how it should be served and the various sake styles. We’ll experiment by a selection of sakes with different foods, including European dishes. Sake expert Asami Tasaka will lend her expertise to the occasion. Guest speaker: Asami Tasaka, Director, World Sake Imports UK. Hosted by Rebecca Lamont, Head of Wine School.

Dates Monday, 4th February 2019
Time 6:30pm–10:30pm
Place Berry Brothers & Rudd
3 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1EG [map]
Sake List Dewazakura “Oka”
Dewazakura “Namagenshu”
Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo”
Kamoizumi “Sachi”
Ticket £145 per person
RSVP Tickets available online