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Speciality  | Dewazakura “Tobiroku”
Dewazakura “Tobiroku”
"Festival of Stars"


"Tobiroku" is a "sparkling sake" produced through secondary fermentation in the bottle, much like champagne. It is crisp, dry and effervescent - a lively companion on any occasion.

Serving Recommendations

“Tobiroku” is fun to drink with a wide range of foods. It’s likely to appeal to aficionados of Belgian beer and champagne, but satisfies sake purists as well. Just open the bottle and enjoy.


Rice Variety: Miyamanishiki, Yukigesho Alcohol Percentage: 15-16%
Acidity: 1.5 Polishing Ratio: 50%
Sake Meter Value: -3.0 Yeast: Ogawa