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230 A Sunrise Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Restaurant Description:

This hip Asian dining destination serves Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese specialties in a stylish, ultramodern room with high-tech dacor and furnishings. The menu is divided into categories that correspond to the Five Elements: Wind (small plates to begin the journey); Water (beverages, sushi, seafood and shellfish); Fire (creations from the wok); Earth (meat, game, poultry and produce); and Flavor (desserts and sweets). Among the entrees are Shanghai barbecue duck, steamed sea bass fillet, curry shrimp, seared ginger beef and pad Thai with a variety of toppings. The Dragonfly Lounge's sleek, sexy space offering an array of creative cocktails and fine sake provides a great bar scene for socialization with an ultra-hip, young professional crowd.

Gayot (guides): "Sashimi is always immaculately fresh."

Palm Beach Post: "The food is fabulous."

Palm Beach Daily News: "Outstanding Asian cuisine."

Phone: (561) 802-4222

Category Label
Sohomare “Tokubetsu Kimoto” Heart and Soul
Tedorigawa “Yamahai Junmai” Silver Mountain
Dewazakura “Izumi Judan” Tenth Degree
Dewazakura “Omachi” Jewel Brocade
Dewazakura “Oka” Cherry Bouquet
Kamoizumi “Junmai Daiginjo” Autumn Elixir

Cuisine Type: Pan-Asian