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Speciality  | Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo”
Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo”
"Summer Snow"


This premium unfiltered sake is rich, creamy and brimming with exuberant natural flavor. Mildly sweet, yet surprisingly robust, it is an excellent introduction to the world of sake enjoyment.

Serving Recommendations

Mildly sweet and pleasingly robust, “Summer Snow” carries the day with richly flavored Thai, Vietnamese and Cuban dishes—even shortribs! Keep refrigerated and serve chilled.

Rice Variety: Hiroshima Hattan, Nakate Shinsenbon Alcohol Percentage: 17-18%
Acidity: 1.6 Polishing Ratio: 58%
Sake Meter Value: +1.0 Yeast: Setouchi 21