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Daiginjo  | Tedorigawa “Mangekyo”
Tedorigawa “Mangekyo”


Smooth as silk, with a gently enticing aroma, yet possessing the stalwart flavor of sakes brewed in the Hokuriku region. Aged unpasteurized at 23 degrees Fahrenheit for six months, then pasteurized and aged another eighteen months at the same temperature.

Serving Recommendations

In Japan, the highest quality daiginjo sakes tend to be sipped appreciatively on their own terms. A slice of pristine sashimi or a delicate appetizer provide the perfect flavor accent.

Rice Variety: Yamadanishiki Alcohol Percentage: 15–16%
Acidity: 1.2 Polishing Ratio: 40%
Sake Meter Value: ±0 Yeast: House Yeast (Kanazawa Lineage)