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2100 Ward Street
Berkeley, CA 94705

Restaurant Description:

This Berkeley restaurant offers one-of-a-kind sushi creations and delicious specialties off the robata grill not found anywhere else. The minimalist decor centers on the long, curved sushi bar, where, says the Zagat Survey, "the fish is so fresh it practically leaps out of the nori. Bonito is the star of the deluxe sashimi dinner, each strip a deep, dark, shimmering red. The restaurant's attention to detail is displayed in food as humble as ohitashi, cooked spinach served cold in dashi stock. Other menu dishes include miso-marinated cod with crisped-skin sea bass with butter sauce and smoky grilled corn. Kirala, says the management, "is consistently voted one of the best Japanese restaurants, where loyal patrons spend a relaxed evening ordering tasty appetizers and main dishes, while enjoying Japanese beer and premium sakes from Japan."

San Francisco Chronicle: "Delicious grilled morsels from the robata grill at reasonable prices. Fantastic sushi."

Phone: (510) 549-3486
Fax: (510) 549-0165

Category Label
Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri” Northern Skies
Kamoizumi “Shusen” Three Dots
Masumi “Okuden Kantsukuri” Mirror of Truth
Nishida “Denshu” Country Squire
Tedorigawa “Yamahai Junmai” Silver Mountain
Dewazakura “Dewasansan” Green Ridge
Dewazakura “Izumi Judan” Tenth Degree
Dewazakura “Oka” Cherry Bouquet
Koshi no Kanbai “Tokusen” Vanishing Point
Sohomare “Junmai Ginjo” Indigo
Dewazakura “Ichiro” Abbey Road
Hoyo “Kura no Hana” Fair Maiden
Kamoizumi “Junmai Daiginjo” Autumn Elixir
Tedorigawa “Iki na Onna” Lady Luck
Kamoizumi “KomeKome” Happy Bride
Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo” Summer Snow
Nama Ginjo
Masumi “Arabashiri” First Run
Nama Daiginjo
Tedorigawa “Kinka” Gold Blossom