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211 East 43rd Street
New York, NY 10017

Restaurant Description:This subterranean sake lounge, where American jazz is the music of choice, is an expansive and tranquil room filled with screens, bamboo plants, paper lanterns and smooth blond woodwork. "A favorite with Japanese businessmen," says Gayot (guides), "Sakagura offers more than 200 types of sake, arranged by category and region. In addition to the extensive sake on the menu, the dinner menu offers sashimi (no sushi), as well as a range of less familiar Japanese dishes.

There is no better place in New York to experience sake in all its glorious diversity in peak condition. There are new sake specials every month, and the attentive and well-informed servers gracefully steer guests to their favorite labels. Many visitors are so enthralled by the sake list that they overlook one of the most interesting appetizer menus in the city—about seventy dishes, including daily specials, all made to be enjoyed with sake.

Paper "This cavernous bar is a dream come true for sake lovers. Soak up sake with superb Japanese food and vegetarian items."

Phone: (212) 953-7253
Fax: (212) 682-1951

Category Label
Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri” Northern Skies
Hoyo “Sawayaka Junmai” Summer Breeze
Kamoizumi “Shusen” Three Dots
Masumi “Okuden Kantsukuri” Mirror of Truth
Miyasaka “Yawaraka Junmai” Sake Matinee
Nishida “Denshu” Country Squire
Sohomare “Tokubetsu Kimoto” Heart and Soul
Tamagawa “Tokubetsu Junmai” Heart of Oak
Tedorigawa “Yamahai Junmai” Silver Mountain
Dewazakura “Oka” Cherry Bouquet
Kokuryu “Junmai Ginjo” Black Dragon
Koshi no Kanbai “Sai” Blue River
Nagurayama “Yokikana” Master’s Touch
Dewazakura “Daiginjo” Mountain Cherry
Dewazakura “Ichiro” Abbey Road
Kokuryu “Ryu” Gold Dragon
Koshi no Kanbai “Chotokusen” Pinnacle of Perfection
Koshi no Kanbai “Muku” Pure Realm
Masumi “Nanago” Seventh Heaven
Masumi “Yumedono” Mansion of Dreams
Sohomare “Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo” Tuxedo
Tedorigawa “Iki na Onna” Lady Luck
Tedorigawa “Yamahai Daiginjo” Chrysanthemum Meadow
Tedorigawa “Mangekyo” Kaleidoscope
Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo” Summer Snow
Satoh (Sweet Potato) Satsuma Domain
Nama Ginjo
Kamoizumi “Red Maple” 2-Year Aged Namagenshu
Masumi “Arabashiri” First Run

Cuisine Type: Japanese, Sake Bar