Dewazakura “Izumi Judan”
Dewazakura “Izumi Judan”
A potent ginjo sake for martini fans—crisp and bone dry

Tenth Degree

A martini-lover’s sake: dry and clear with aromatics reminiscent of Tanqueray. No other ginjo combines dryness (+12 on the sake scale) and edginess (36 proof) to such exhilerating effect.

Yamagata Prefecture


Dewazakura Sake Brewery
Dewazakura Sake Brewery

Dewazakura Sake Brewery

Yamagata Prefecture


Dewazakura is one of the most innovative sake-makers in Japan, using new yeast strains, rice varieties and brewing techniques to craft distinctly original sakes. The brewery’s “Oka” label, introduced in 1980, is credited with popularizing ginjo sakes at a time when few people in Japan had heard of them. In the early ‘90s Dewazakura began storing unpasteurized sake at 25 degrees Fahrenheit to keep it as aromatic and flavorful as possible until bottling. New labels made from Dewasansan and Omachi rice have added to the brewery’s reputation as a creator of modern sakes that are fragrant, delicate and refreshing.

Dewazakura “Izumi Judan”

Technical Specifications

Classification: Ginjo
Rice variety: Miyamanishiki
Yeast: Yamagata, YK-0107
Brewing method: Sokujo


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

Great with salmon roe, caviar or cocktail canapes. Cuts right through the rich flavor of fish like toro and hamachi at the sushi bar. Keep refrigerated after purchase and serve ice-cold.

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