Kinoshita Brewing Company


Kyoto Prefecture

Tamagawa sake has been made at the Kinoshita family brewery on the same site for seven generations, since 1842. When the toji (master brewer) who had served for over four decades passed away in 2007, the owner resolved to remake Tamagawa for the 21st Century, and took the bold step of recruiting Philip Harper, the first non-Japanese toji in Japan.

A large proportion of Tamagawa sake is made by “Spontaneous Fermentation,” pre-modern brewing relying entirely on the natural micro-organisms living in the original earth-walled buildings. Most products are labeled to show the brewing year of production, not just the bottling date, and a number of labels are aged for several years before release. A unique characteristic of Tamagawa sake is that it continues to develop in the bottle over time for weeks, months or years, even after opening. Tamagawa’s rich, bold flavors make it very versatile with food and delicious over a wide temperature range, from icebox cold to piping hot.


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