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World Sake Imports represents thirteen regional breweries and three shochu distilleries in the United States. They ask only one thing from us: that their sakes taste exactly the same in the U.S. as they do in Japan. We place our orders directly with the breweries for delivery via refrigerated trucks to a refrigerated warehouse in Tokyo. Orders are shipped to the U.S. in refrigerated containers. Once in the U.S., we monitor inventory closely with an eye to rapid turnover and prompt replenishment every month from Japan.

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Our breweries

World Sake Imports was established in 1998 for the purpose of bringing premium sakes to restaurants in the United States. The breweries and distilleries we represent are among the most respected in Japan, standard-bearers for the industry in terms of quality, innovation and technical mastery. Our close relationship with these brewers and distillers enables us to import the finest sakes and shochus produced in Japan today.

Our portfolio

Sake and shochu of the highest quality, delivered in perfect condition to our customers in the United States.


Every label in our portfolio has an identity and a flavor profile all its own. We continually sample new products and evaluate their potential for the U.S. market. This effort leads to only a few new additions to our portfolio every year, but they are truly distinctive sakes of surpassing appeal. For us, as well as our customers, the world of sake is an ongoing adventure of knowledge and discovery.


Restaurants are today’s main education centers for sake appreciation, the places where people go to learn about and enjoy fine sakes. Our goal is to help restaurants across the United States introduce their customers to the pleasures of the sake cup. The sushi bars, nightclubs, restaurants and izakaya listed on this website know how to care for sake and serve it properly. A visit to one of these establishments ensures a happy sake experience and, if the mood is right and the company delightful, perhaps even a sake epiphany.

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