Sohomare Sake Brewery


Tochigi Prefecture

Rich, expressive flavor, clarity and perfect balance—these are the characteristics of sakes from Sohomare, established by the Kono family in 1872. To achieve these qualities fifth-generation owner Jun Kono settled on the kimoto method, developed in the 17th century, as offering the most promise. This process, which takes 15 days longer than modern brewing methods, produces sakes with depth and integrity.

Sohomare uses only “Designation A” Yamadanishiki rice for its junmai and daiginjo labels. This champion strain is first choice among brewers for the fullness and clarity it imparts to sake. By joining the kimoto brewing method with top quality Yamadanishiki, the brewery achieved a new kind of sake, mellow, flavorful, elegant―and almost impossible to put down once it’s in a glass.


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