Kamoizumi “Sachi”
Kamoizumi “Sachi”
Deep plum and molasses flavors, remarkable clarity, brewed in 1997

Exceptional Aged Koshu

Brewed in 1997 and imbued with light golden color, “Sachi” reverberates with deep flavors of plum and molasses. Even more remarkable are its clarity and balance, on magnificent display after prolonged aging.

Hiroshima Prefecture


Kamoizumi Brewing Company
Kamoizumi Brewing Company

Kamoizumi Brewing Company

Hiroshima Prefecture


Kamoizumi is brewed in Saijo, which developed into one of Japan’s top three brewing areas three hundred years ago due to its delicious water, cold brewing climate and ready supply of seasonal workers. Hiroshima sakes are said to possess both delicacy and strength, and Kamoizumi is no exception. Philip Harper writes: “Retains a convincing elegance despite its big bones. How do they do it?”

Kamoizumi “Sachi”

Technical Specifications

Classification: Specialty (Exceptional Aged Koshu)
Rice variety: Hiroshima Hattan, Nakate Shinsenbon
Yeast: Setouchi 21, Alps
Brewing method: Sokujo


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

Pairs naturally with dishes possessing rich, resonant flavors. A natural with roasts, braised meats and Chinese cuisine. An excellent after-dinner treat.

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