Hoyo “Genji” label
Hoyo “Genji”
Brisk and flavorful, with cedar and citrus highlights

Shining Prince

With its distinctive taste of cedar, grass and citrus, “Genji” delivers a crisp and refreshing “cold sake” experience. Falls midway between robust junmai and refined ginjo sake expressions.

Miyagi Prefecture


Uchigasaki Brewing Company
Uchigasaki Brewing Company

Uchigasaki Brewing Company

Miyagi Prefecture


Sake enthusiasts know just what to expect when they see a bottle with the Hoyo label on it. The sake inside will be graceful and charming, extending a demure welcome to the world of sake enjoyment. Regional rice strains, like “Manamusume” and “Kura no Hana,” lend themselves especially well to the brewery’s delicately nuanced brewing style.

Hoyo “Genji” label

Technical Specifications

Classification: Junmai
Rice variety: Kura no Hana
Yeast: Miyagi, Association No.901
Brewing method: Sokujo


polishing ratio







Serving recommendations

Genji’s crispness and clean taste make it a great sake for sushi dining. Especially enjoyable with seared tuna or bonito and exotic vegetables like asparagus and artichoke. Refrigerate and serve chilled.

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